BBQ/Oven smoking bag

Welcome to the BBQ/Oven smoking bag - an easy way to cook stunning smoky-flavoured food in the oven, on a barbecue, griddle or hot-plate

Create a meal sensation on the barbeque the easy way - with our BBQ/Oven Smoking Bags. Just place the food inside the bag above the non-stick layer, fold over the end twice, and place the bag in the oven or on the BBQ - it is that easy. 

Sauces, marinades and glazes can be added to the food, making a stunning meal easy to create.

The smoke from the wood-chips will permeate the non-stock layer and give your food a stunning smoky flavour. The non-stick layer also means there'll be no food sticking to the inside of the bag, which can be a problem on a BBQ. Fantastic for seafood, poultry etc.

The BBQ-Oven Smoking bags are 220mm x 300mm and 320mm x 300mm - enough to use for a meal for 2 if desired.

Versatility is key - the bag can be used on the BBQ, but if the rain arrives don't panic, just cook the food in the oven instead.

The BBQ/Oven Smoking Bag is sold in packs of 3.

PRICE: £3.99 for a pack of 3 (SMALL) or £4.99 for a pack of 3 (MEDIUM). BUY NOW FROM OUR SHOP @ SHOP.SIRANE.COM

smoking bags for the BBQ or oven


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