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Nylon turkey roasting bags - your perfect Christmas present

Quality roasting bags perfect for Christmas dinner

IF cooking a perfect turkey for a house full of people causes you a mild panic, then nylon roasting bags from Thinking-Cooking could be your perfect Christmas present.

Cooking turkey can – for many people who aren’t Nigella or Delia – be a bit of a nightmare. Well, as an innovative food packaging solutions company we may just have the answer. What if we told you that you could pop the turkey in a bag, throw it in the oven, and it was difficult to go wrong (as long as you've turned the oven on!)...

Thinking-Cooking's Roasting Bag for turkeys absorb the fat released during cooking, ensuring crisp, clean food. It is a top quality roasting bag made of nylon, perfect for cooking the perfect Christmas dinner - after all it is the one meal of the year where you want nothing to go wrong.

Mark Lingard, Marketing Manager, said: “The roasting bags for turkeys could truly come into their own at Christmas. Pop the turkey in the bag, tie it, and pierce the top... that's it. A turkey that browns beautifully, is crisp, retains all the flavours and doesn't dry out. You don't even need a baking tray.

"All we suggest is you cut the bag open for the last 20 minutes, allowing it to crisp to perfection - and you don't even need to do that, you'll still get stunning results. But you have to remember to turn the oven on, we can't manage to solve every Christmas dinner nightmare, there'll still be someone, somewhere..."

Roasting bags aren't the only product from Thinking-Cooking you could find handy come the Christmas holidays. Our Deli-bags are perfect for storing mince pies, for example, or that mountain of left-over turkey. Fully sealable, they can be opened and re-sealed numerous times, and will help keep food fresh.

And if you want to beat the crowds but are worried your veg might not be 100% fresh, then get a stock of our incredible shelf-life bags - and you'll have nothing to worry about.