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Thinking-Cooking website launched by Sirane

Welcome to - the website that will revolutionise the kitchens of Great Britain!

Here at we're passionate about two things. Helping people create stunning food easily, and saving people time. If one product can do both of those things, then all the better.

We've a range of products that are perfect for using in the kitchen - from cooking bags which allow you to create a tasty supper in a matter of minutes to fat-traps which mean you no longer have to spend ages scrubbing the grill pan clean.

We've ovenable bags that are big enough to take a whole chicken. Not only does the bird cook quicker, but the bag helps crisp up the outside - the perfect combination.

And we've shelf-life extending bags that truly are remarkable. Made from a natural bio-polymer, the bags effectively self-regulate the perfect conditions for storing your fresh produce, and can add many days additional shelf-life. A bag that stops you having to throw away food - that's got to be a good thing, right?

We're always after feedback - so let us know what you think of our products, and anything you'd like to see added to our range.