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New Thinking-Cooking kitchen range launched

A new retail product range and website Thinking-Cooking has been launched with a view to making people’s lives easier in the kitchen – and saving time and money.

Eight products have been brought into the initial launch – all items will either reduce cooking times, cleaning times, or the amount of food wasted and thrown out.

The Thinking-Cooking range features the popular Si-bag Meal-Maker – which has been sold direct to the public for a while – alongside the Baby & Toddler Meal-Pouch, Fat-Trap, Roasting Bags, Potato-Bakers, Shelf-Life Bags, Deli-Bags, and Slow-Cooker Liners.

Ruth Mason, who will head up sales for Thinking-Cooking, said: “Thinking-Cooking has brought to the kitchen table a number of items which will truly make people’s life easier. Give them a few months, and people will wonder how they ever did without.

“This range of products is about convenience, simplicity, taste and cutting waste. Whether it is cutting energy bills because your oven is on for an hour less, or cutting down on the washing up, Thinking-Cooking has thought about what will help.

“People lead busy lives, but still want good food. Money is tight in many families, so they want food to last. Thinking-Cooking has looked at problems and found solutions.

“They are also healthy solutions, cooking bags for example help significantly with portion control, Fat-Traps will reduce the amount of fat with items such as sausages.”

The Si-bag Meal-Maker is an ovenable or microwaveable cooking bag, which seals in all the juices and flavours and allows healthy eating and fast food to be combined. The Baby & Toddler Meal Pouch will similarly allow healthy food to be cooked fast.

Roasting Bags are available for both turkeys and chickens, and will crisp up the bird perfectly, stop it from drying out, and significantly reduce the cooking time.

“With Christmas on the way,” said Ruth, “people will be looking for convenient ways to cook a giant turkey. It’s never easy – but these bags will help alleviate the stress.”

Fat-Traps can be used on oven-grills to soak up the fat – healthier food and less cleaning – while Slow-Cooker Liners will also cut down on the hated washing-up.

Fresh: Shelf-Life Bags and Fresh: Deli-Bags will offer significant shelf-life extension, with the Shelf-Life Bags – available in two sizes - suitable for all fresh produce.

Ruth added: “Trials of the Shelf-Life Bags in a commercial environment has shown some astonishing results – shelf-life extension of five days or more. So we thought why not sell the bags directly to home-users, so they can put their own fruit or veg in.”

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Thinking-Cooking has been created by Sirane Ltd – an innovative packaging company based in Telford, Shropshire, which specialises in problem solving within the kitchen.