Barbecued fish and chips it is then....

ACCORDING to my Twitter feed - which to be fair is normally a reasonably reliable source of information, more reliable than, say, 'the bloke down the pub' - it is National Fish and Chips Day today. I actually had to correct that, initially I wrote National Fish and Chip Day. Now fish and a single chip... that would be a disappointing supper. Anyway, it is National Fish and Chips Day.... but there's a problem.

The problem is that according to the aforementioned Twitter feed it is also National BBQ Week. Which leaves me in a quandry. The sun's out. It's a nice evening. A BBQ sounds a nice idea. But so does fish and chips. Who's idea was this, having them at the same time, forcing indecisive people like me to choose? To barbecue or not to barbecue, that is the question. (Little known fact, Shakespeare himself rejected that phrase as he thought the Danes didn't barbecue. How wrong he was...) 

You could, of course, BBQ the fish. It's possible, especially with one of our barbecue bags which are non-stick and great for seafood, allowing you to add sauces and vegetables etc in with the food. So you could have barbecued fish and chips. But you can't barbecue chips, they'd have to be cooked or bought separately.... so now it is becoming a hassle, to the point where I might just get a pizza instead.

And anyway, I assume the point of National Fish and Chip Week is that you support your local chippie and buy some. Battered cod and greasy chips. Not dover sole and home-made fries.

While we're on the subject of fish and chips, what's mushy peas all about? I mean seriously, does anyone actually like them?

We digress. National BBQ Week is, of course, a whole week, I could of course have my barbecue tomorrow. I'm being, to quote my mother, flippant again. If you're reading this there's probably not time to get your BBQ bags of us in time for National BBQ Week, but they're still worth getting in stock for the next time the sun comes out. Despite the British reputation for unreliable summers, it probably will come out again at some point. They're a great way of cooking on a BBQ, especially if you want to offer something other than burgers or burnt sausages. Chicken in a sauce, corn on the cob in butter, fish and vegetables, something for the vegetarians.... why not get creative?...

And we may, just may, have some exciting developments in the BBQ bag world to report in a few weeks/months. Might not be in time for this year's barbecue season, but it will most definitely be worth the wait if it happens.