Farm shops starting to look at Thinking-Cooking

We're getting a steady increase in inquiries from farm shops at the moment. For farm shops, Thinking-Cooking can be a great addition. Firstly, they could add the Thinking-Cooking range to their range, simple as that. A few great additions that will sit' next to the meat counter or by the veg as an 'extra' purchase.

With nylon roasting bags, oven-grill liners, shelf-life bags for fruit and veg, slow-cooker liners and steam-cooking bags, there is something for everyone and for every type of farm shop. However big or small your farm-shop is, the Thinking-Cooking range could be a perfect addition.

But some farm shops are now taking the steam-cooking bags and using them as their own way of adding value to their own over the counter sales. A piece of chicken is nicer with a glaze, and can be sold for a higher price. Asparagus in a bundle or in a cooking bag with chilli butter? Salmon or salmon in a steam-cooking bag ready to cook in the oven or microwave with a nice sauce. The same approach can be done using BBQ/Oven bags or nylon roasting bags.

After all, throwing extra ingredients in with your roast for flavour is all the rage. The clever farm shop can do it for their customers, and reap the rewards. We can also supply BBQ/Oven bags with 'smoking chips' for wood-smoked flavour. Get creative with your flavours and you can really enhance your sales.