Inspirational recipes for microwave/oven steamed fish

USING our steam-cooking bags for the oven or microwave it is easy to create a stunning fish dish. Steam-cooking in a bag is the easiest way of impressing your family... just find a great-sounding recipe, chuck the ingredients in the bag, and cook. Most seafood dishes will take a matter of minutes in microwave, and perhaps around 15 minutes in the oven.... it goes without saying this depends on the fish and the size of the portion.

And it is not hard to find amazing recipes, the internet is full of them. We've got some of our favourite recipes on this site, but here's some of our favourite sites... - this site has lots of amazing recipes, including some fabulous sounding steamed fish recipes
TheWoksOfLife - you won't be surprised to find out this is Oriental food. You also won't be disappointed
BBCGoodFood - where would we be in this country without the good old BBC...
AllRecipes - does what it says on the tin. And you don't get to be one of the most successful sites out there without some great recipes

If you find any others, be sure to let us know, and we'll pass the information on.