Thinking-Cooking could be great for your customers

Why not consider stocking Thinking-Cooking in your shop? Your customers will probably thank you for it...

Thinking-Cooking products are available from Amazon, where we've gained a loyal fan-base. They are also available from online grocer Ocado, where once again sales are very much in an upward trend.... and we hope to have some big news fairly soon with regards some other major outlets.

But we're also keen to supply farm-shops, delicatessens and food halls; smaller shops where we think customers will love the products.

If you're selling fish, for example, our steam-cooking bags are fantastic for seafood... so why not pop some on your seafood counter. If you're selling meat, then our nylon roasting bags could be just what your customers want, or our slow-cooker liners could be that extra product they purchase. Or if the sun comes out, our BBQ/Oven bags could fly....

If you sell fruit and veg, our shelf-life bags are incredible, and I'm certain your customers will be back for more...

So why not have a look at the range, and then get in touch...we 'd love to hear from you.