Microwave steam-cooking fish: cooked to perfection in a bag

Microwave steam-cooking bags for fish/seafood

PEOPLE'S perceptions of cooking food - and in particular seafood - in a microwave, are often erroneous. For some reason, people are perfectly happy to put a cooking bag in the oven, but are somewhat snobbish or reticent - or perhaps just nervous, who knows - when it comes to the microwave. Microwave dinners have had bad PR.

There really is no justification for this at all. In fact, the irony is that fish is often tastier when steam-cooked in the microwave.

Steam-cooking is perhaps the easiest and tastiest way of cooking seafood. You don't lose any of the flavours or juices, the fish cooks beautifully, and it is simple to do. Steam-cooking bags allow the user to add sauces, glazes and other ingredients that turn the simple piece of fish into a culinary masterpiece. They make cooking a great tasting fish dish easy...

And the microwave is just as effective as the oven. In fact it is even easier to get it perfect.... if your food needs three minutes and you set the microwave to cook for three minutes, then for three minutes it will cook. The oven doesn't do that, you've to get it up to the correct temperature, and then remember to take it out, in order to achieve perfection.

It's not just fish.... steam-cooking bags are great way to cook poultry, and also vegetables. Asparagus, for example, with a tasty chilli butter, cooked in just a few minutes in the microwave, is a great way to enjoy the asparagus season. And there's no over-cooked soggy vegetables, as long as you get your timings right.

Our Thinking-Cooking Oven/Microwave Steam-Cooking bags come in packs of 10, and even come with suggested cooking times printed on the bag. They are easy to seal, and once sealed are leak-proof and odour-proof, so you've no worries about making a meal and popping it in the fridge - or even freezer - for later.